12/11th AVC Meeting Recap

SigEp NJ Zeta AVC Meeting

December 11, 2016

Attendance: Tony Whalen, Chris Manning, Stephanie Goldstone, Eric Wright, Levi Wilson

  1. Affirmation of homecoming event
  2. Went really well
  3. In roads made w/both undergrads and alumni group
  4. Ritual went well
    1. Tony, Eric & other alumni were involved
  5. We may have underestimated time between events
  6. Event is seen as a success
  7. Elections
  8. Administer by Brandon
  9. Eric to send out note about elections
    1. 2015-2017 board positions
      1. Stephanie Goldstone, Atul Sharma, Levi Wilson, Eric Wright
    2. 2016-2018 board positions
      1. Pat Conroy, Chuck Ott, Vince Fucci, Tony Whalen
    3. May need to appoint 1-2 more members
      1. Let Tony know if anyone is interested in serving
    4. AVC 2017 Executive Positions
      1. President (Tony Whalen)
      2. Vice President (Vince Fucci)
  • Treasurer (Chuck Ott)
  1. Secretary (Eric Wright)
  1. Discussion on Stephanie Goldstone Social Media Coordinator
  • Structure of Future Meetings
  1. 6 Meetings per year in between events
    1. 1 every two months via Google Hangout
    2. Tony Whalen to coordinate
  2. Carlson’s Leadership Academy
  3. Eric Wright to be point person
  4. January 20th-22nd in Long Branch, NJ
  5. Eric to check w/Schulte to see who will use the free volunteer slot and who is going
  6. Balanced Man Scholarship Dinner
  7. Tony to be point person with Undergrad President Justin DiSciascio
  8. Board needs to select person to give Alumni perspective at event
  9. AVC has been invited by new undergrad president
  10. Event is January 29th 11-2
  11. Undergraduate Chapter Elections
  12. Eric to get updated roster from UG VP of Communications
  • Westin
  1. Venue overcharged
    1. In process of getting money back

New Business

  1. Berger Bash 2017 (Berger planning)
  2. Tentatively scheduled for February 11, 2017 at 2PM (Saturday)
  3. Meeting place
    1. University House- 12pm- Bring your lunch then at 1:30pm go to Alumni gym. Berger is working on ticket detail.
  4. Golf Tournament (Chuck)
  5. Tentatively scheduled for May 2017
  • Casual Meet-ups
  1. Riverhorse (April – Founders’ Day? – Stephanie Goldstone)
  2. Triumph
  3. Killarney’s
  4. Pub Night (March Happy Hour? – Levi)
  5. Rider Reunion (Chris Manning)
  6. June 9th-10th
  7. Greek Life theme
    1. Wiffle Ball Event (10AM-1PM)
      1. SigEp sponsored greek life wide event
    2. Rider to run other events

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