Fall Loving

Homecoming, Senior Transition, Fall…  Rejuvenation!

From our State of the AVC address to the Senior Transition program from Rob Schulte and Eric Wright to Atul Sharma’s fantastic Networking Presentation to our Annual Football Game and then representing at the Soccer game- we had a great day.

We still have Homecoming Shirts for sale- just contact us- $10 for Undergrads due to Charles Ott, CPA co-sponsoring, and $20 for Alumni.

We welcomed Rich Schmidt to the AVC and returning was Stephanie Goldstone, Atul Sharma, Eric Wright, and Levi Wilson.  Thank you again for all your service!

Elections were held for 2018 Officers:

President- Tony Whalen
VP Relations/Programming- Eric Wright
Treasurer- Charles Ott
VP Communications/Secretary- Stephanie Goldstone

Congratulations to all the officers as we look forward to another awesome year of programming, partnership and participation with our new class reps:
1997-2002 Chris Fadgen
2003-2008 Rob Gorgio
2009-2013 Jason Kanterman
2014-2019 TBD- Volunteer needed

We will be on campus November 29th for alumni networking and December 1st for the Brother Mentor degree.

We are working on our operational calendar for next year while we start off with the Balanced Man Banquet and Carlson Leadership Academy at Long Branch, NJ again in January.

Contact any of us to get involved and have some fun!



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